Product Liability: Dangerous and Defective Goods

Although most people use a variety of products, equipment and devices on a regular basis without incident, there are times when a defective or unsafe item can cause damage or injury. On many occasions this occurs because a product has an inherent flaw within it that makes it unsafe to use in some manner. It may be at risk of breakage, failure, or several other actions which may cause injuries. Unfortunately, laws concerning product liability can be tough and quite complicated to understand.

Golf Course Safety

As spring weather improves, golf courses in the area begin to fill up. Although golfers seldom have more on their mind than their game, it is important to keep a few general rules for golf course safety in mind.

Defective Surgical Device: da Vinci Robotic Surgical System

If you need a surgical procedure such as a hysterectomy or a prostatectomy, the standard used to be that a surgeon would make a large incision and enter your body with a variety of instruments to perform the operation that removed your uterus or prostate. Although effective, these operations usually had long recovery times and included great pain and blood loss due to the size of the cut and the amount of time the body had to remain open. The risk of infection was also high.